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November 29, 2020, 02:40:55 PM
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1  Website, Store / Ceriatone.com / Layout for Yeti? on: November 27, 2011, 02:04:55 AM
I remember reading in a thread some place that Nik was thinking about putting the chupa and the yeti up as kits.
Can any one at Ceriatone comment?
Is this plan going to go a head?
2  Ceriatone / Overtone / Re: HRM MKII No sound? on: March 11, 2011, 04:12:15 PM
It Lives!!

It was the speaker outs after all.
10 minutes to fix and now i'm rocking.
My wife is very pleased, it means she can get that corner of our bedroom back that has been turned into my building station.

Thanks for all your help.
 Grin Grin Cool Cool Cool
3  Ceriatone / Overtone / Re: HRM MKII No sound? on: March 05, 2011, 06:03:07 PM
Speaker jacks are wired mirror back wards.
So the bridging wires that are nearest the chassis should be on the out side of the jacks and visa-versa.

Just out of interest, and at the risk of sounding dumb, how would i go about testing the whole amp with my DMM set up in continuity test mode?
I figured it was a case of putting one probe at one end of a chain and the other probe at the other and waiting to get a beep.
But that doesn't seem to work..

Cheers for all the help so far.
4  Ceriatone / Overtone / Re: HRM MKII No sound? on: March 04, 2011, 11:10:30 PM
Oh, and one other question..

Do i need the amp to be tubed up and powered on to do the continuity test?
5  Ceriatone / Overtone / Re: HRM MKII No sound? on: March 04, 2011, 11:08:54 PM

Oh, and if you built this yourself, double (triple!) check the input jack wiring - the way it's shown on the layout can be a bit confusing. Likewise for the output jacks.


Built my self.
I'm taking your advice about the time off.
I'm a tad annoyed at my self for busting the tube the way i did Embarrassed

When you say check the input/out put and then you mention the layout can be confusing, what do you mean exactly?
I'm thinking this is going to be a problem related to either of these simply because i get no sound.
I'm wondering if i might have them wired backwards.

In the diagram the jacks have four pins each.
The jacks are shown on a slope.
I assumed that the jack was sloping away from the chassis.
So, the pin at the top of the slope was the pin closest to the chassis wall.

Does that make sense? 
6  Ceriatone / Overtone / HRM MKII No sound? on: March 04, 2011, 09:02:48 PM
I just clipped one of my KT77's and broke the damned thing, so now i'm hanging out while i wait for a replacement.
Mean time, and while i wait, i'm hoping someone might be able to give me a pointer.

Before the tube broke i had biased the amp up and was ready to plug in my guitar.
I plugged in and turned up the volume and, nothing.
No sound.

All of the tubes were lit up and getting power.

I checked my guitar cable and changed to four others, same result.
I swapped guitar, same result.
I even swapped speaker cable and cab.. same result.

I've drained the caps and taken out the preamp board and the power amp board and checked the wiring and it all looks good.

I've checked the wiring against the layout diagram and it looks good, but i'll check again when i have a clearer head. I'm a little pissed at my self for being dumb and breaking the KT77.

I've traced the wiring from the boards to the chassis mounted components and it all looks good.

I realize this is a bit abstract, but where would you be looking?

There have been no pops or bangs.
No burning smell.
The tubes biased up fine and the amp seemed happy sitting with current running through it.
Every thing seems all good, except no sound.

Any tips?

7  Ceriatone / Overtone / Biasing for KT77's? on: March 01, 2011, 01:13:04 AM
Any one running JJ KT77's?
Using the formula in the HRM manual in combination with my terrible maths i figure i should be biasing my HRM MKII to between 30-34mA.

Does that seem right?
The information i have on the KT77's say they have a plate dissipation of approximately 25 watts.

8  Ceriatone / Overtone / Re: New to the forum and the OTS on: January 30, 2011, 06:24:51 PM

Also curious about the effects loop. I've read some of the threads on the C-lator and Klein, but what I don't understand is, are one of these is required to run effects in the loop?

Apologies for my ignorance, and thanks for your help!
Short answer in, no.
However, if you want to run pedals in the loop then either the C-lator or the Klien can help with tone loss or volume drops.
You can also use either of them with out FX to get some cool tonal changes and a slight over drive boost on the clean channel.   
9  Ceriatone / Overtone / HRM Build input wiring question. on: January 30, 2011, 06:19:38 PM
When you run the shielded wire from A1 and A2 on the input jacks to the terminal strip on V1, do you only attach the core to the terminal strip, or do you have to strip back the core and the braid and twist them together before soldering to the terminal strip?

10  Website, Store / General / Re: Can I order a kit without the boards pre-assembled? on: January 19, 2011, 08:48:39 PM
Yes you can, and it doesn't affect cost.
I ordered my kit with all parts unassembled, Nik told me the only diference would be that it takes slightly more time to pack and ship as some one has to pick the parts.
All parts have arrived safely and are sitting on my bench in sealed bags.
Each bag is all of the parts for each section, so the main board has a little baggie,, the power board has a little baggie,, and so on.
11  Ceriatone / Overtone / Re: how did you find the OD to study? on: January 18, 2011, 09:48:36 PM

That where the latest Ceriatone FM50 and FM100 come from.


The S&M series are basically the first D'Lite dumble clones from Brown Note.

Regular OTS serie are some mods closer to original dumbles presented by some members of ampgarage.

FM series are indeed based on Robben Ford's #102 presented at ampgarage.

183 serie is based on #183(the former amp of forumite "TAG" at the Gear Page, there is a very funny vid) presented at ampgarage.

HRM is based on ampgarage info but Nik's first run has some altered values. Probabably to his taste. The last HRM run is closer to some ampgarage info.

And the latest HRM MK2 is very close to a Two Rock Emerald Pro I've seen.

Bluesmaster is based on ampgarage info.

TAG is also a contributer at ampgarage where is is using the nickname Mr. Dumble.
He is a very good player,, not as good as he thinks, but still, very good compared to some.
He is also quite entertaining and does have a sense of humor.
The original #183 was loned to a builder by Tag and cloned ..(can't remember the name, i think it might be Quin..).. and is now availble in very liminted numbers as the TKT183. The TKT is a reference to "Tag Knows Tone"
The Tag Knows Tone is a put down invented by the regulars on TGP.
There is a very real danger that TAG/Mr.Dumble is going to become part of the Dumble heratige.
The thread over on TGP is an epic LOL Fest and full of quotes almost as comical and abstract as some of the quotes from AHD him self..
12  British Style / 18 Watt / 36Watt convert EL84's to KT66's? on: December 30, 2010, 06:51:23 PM
What would i need to do to the circuit to make this work?
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