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1  Muchless / DC 30 / my verdict - LarMar Master volume on: November 20, 2012, 06:10:48 PM
My recent Dizzy build came before Nik made the layout switch from the Matchless crossline ppimv to the now shown LarMar ppimv. I had been reading up on the LarMar and the Hall Amplification vvr trying to decide on which to stick in the original master volume hole. After input from Psamm on his recent dizzy build thread I decided to go with the LarMar. Having used the original mv for about a month and mostly having it disabled I find that the LarMar is a vast improvement. I may put the vvr in someday but on the other hand I'm so satisfied with the LarMar It may not be worth the extra effort.

I ordered my 250K dual ganged audio pot from tubesandmore.com. It was pretty out of spec and unbalanced as well. 230k on one section and 236k on the other. I used two different sized resistors to compensate and all works well. I had ordered some nice little 2m2 carbon comps for the job since the rest of the amp uses them but had to use some carbon films that I had on hand since the pot was wacky. If you attempt this install it would be best to source a higher tolerance pot for the job. Now I just need a head cab to give the baby a home.
2  Muchless / DC 30 / Re: DZ 30 build notes on: November 15, 2012, 04:35:24 PM
Beautiful build. I just finished mine recently with West Labs trannies. I absolutely love this baby. I posted regarding the 6 way tone. I think you and I started on opposite ends of the rotation, but our order is the same. I found this when reading the manual from Matchless for the c30. They have suggested settings and their tone switch info has position 1 as full counter clockwise rotation. Position 6 should have your chicken head at noon and the fattest sound (if you want it like they build it, any who).

I'm just sourcing parts for the Lar Mar MV and notice the layout on Ceriatone now shows that. I guess that is a recent addition from Nik. I ordered my kit about 3 months ago and It came with the original pull master.

Between the LarMar master vol and the vvr, if you had to have only one of them which would you choose? I'm trying to decide between the two.

On the TDS trannies. I tried for two months to contact them at every number and email they have with no response. I finally gave up and ordered the West trannies andd couldn't be more pleased.

thanks for sharing.  Cool
3  Muchless / DC 30 / Re: Dizzy 30, 1st timer on: November 09, 2012, 06:34:24 PM
I just finished a DZ30 and absolutely love it. Use the pics Nik has on the Dizzy 30 page at Ceriatone.com as you build. They are real helpful at understanding wire routing and whatnot. I had a few questions and Nik answered almost immediately through email.

For the build, definitely get a multimeter. One that has an audible continuity setting really helps. Use it to check continuity of your solder connections as you move along in the build. Make sure every grounding connection has continuity to the star ground and that every solder joint you make has continuity to the other end of the wire you just soldered.

As for EF86's there are a lot of suppliers in Russia with NOS RFT & Tesla tubes. These get pretty good reviews for ef86 tubes. Many nos ef86's are cheaper that new issue. (RFT, Tungsram, Tesla). I just purchased a boxed nos Amperex Holland Bugle Boy for $36 from an Ebay seller in the US. new production ef's are around $35.

Good luck and enjoy building your dream amp.  Grin
4  Muchless / DC 30 / 6 position tone switch - confusing layout on: November 09, 2012, 01:51:05 PM
Hi All,
First time post. I recently finished my dizzy with West Labs iron and nos glass. I'm absolutely loving it. I realized though that my tone switch seemed a little wonky. Laid out like Matchless it should start thin in position 1 and progressively get thicker moving clockwise to position 6. Mine does this but goes back thin at position 5 and 6. Being the left brained kinda guy I am, I wired my switch in alphabetical order as pictured on the current dizzy layout - http://www.ceriatone.com/images/layoutPic/matchlessLayout/Dizzy30Ceriatone.jpg - with position 1 being wired to "I" on the board. If you want it to work as intended ignore the alphabetical order and wire as follows. Switch position: 1=M, 2=N, 3=I, 4=J, 5=K, 6=L. The earlier layout doesn't use letters and just shows wiring. Hope this helps a future builder.  Cool
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