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Title: Tubes ?
Post by: philooo on January 22, 2008, 07:55:10 AM

Hello everyone!

I'm about to order an Overtone (complete because I don't feel confident with assembling a kit myself). I've already contacted Ceriatone and the order will maybe completed today!

I'm still wondering if I choose the stock tubes compliment proposed by ceriatone...
This is the easiest way because no need to perform biasing

Did you try different tubes brands ?
As experienced users, what kind of preamp and power tubes would you recommend for an overtone special  ?

Title: Re: Tubes ?
Post by: poipounder57 on January 22, 2008, 02:11:09 PM
Nik can add on a external biasing modification.  Makes it much easier to rebias when trying different power tubes.  Just need to get yourself a decent multimeter and you can do it youself.  It's really easy:-)
I have a Overtone on order with the external biasing pot...when it does arrive I have a matched set of NOS GE 6l6's that I'm going to try out.  For the pre amp section I have a set of NOS 12ax7 Mullards.     
Sometimes current productions tubes sound better than the old stuff...and they are much cheaper!!!  Part of the fun is finding the right tubes for your amp ;D  Good luck!!!