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Title: C Lator for my new JTM45
Post by: Trickponyamp on April 06, 2015, 08:17:32 AM
Just finished a JTM45 build. Mine's a little bit different. it has a PPIMV and individual bias for the KT66's . I actually used the layout design from the ceriatone Chupacabra for the rectification and bias.
That site with all the layouts has been like my obsession for the past few years. My first couple of builds were the champ ultra, then the 18 watt TMB with master volume, a couple more vibro champ, and a hand full of simple black face champs. I haven't been ordering kits or asking for help online in forums. I actually took the time to research everything my self, sourced all the parts from different places on line. Even went as far as to fabricate my own chassis as well as construct the cabinets to house the amps and cover them with the tolex. I've been doing as much of it as I possibly can. I've even tried my hand at making face plates.      

  Anyway after telling you all of that you think I would know where to find the right transformer for a C Lator. I'm pretty resourceful so I'm sure I'l figure out where I can obtain one. I get most of my transformers from Classictone , some Weber, never from MM they just seem so damn expensive. I'm gonna look around. I just figured I would join a forum and talk with my own kind. I finally feel comfortable enough with my skill level to so. At any event I' love to talk with someone on here just for the sake of it and if anyone knows where to find that little transformer that would be great. If anyone is curious at all My real name is Pete Land you can look me up on face book I also have a page dedicated to building and fixing amps, its called  Tricky Pony Amplification