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Title: New Hey What 103
Post by: tmac on January 13, 2010, 08:33:14 AM
This is my new HeyWhat 103. Chassis was built at Ceriatone, pine cabinet built by me (only missing rubber feet, and possibly rear plate). Only 2xEL34 installed when the pictures were taken.


Initially I was considering getting a kit from Ceriatone, but after seeing pictures of the chassis internals, I knew there was no way I could compete with that kind of build quality...

Nik kindly modded it for bass guitar which worked out great (increased coupling caps). I then modded the Bright channel to include the unused half of V2 to get a bit more preamp gain. But not like a high gain amp. Worked out beautifully after some adjustments.

Normal channel is great for bass guitar, into at 1x15+2x8 front vented bass cabinet. Also great for clean guitar into a 1x12 oversized open-back cabinet.

The "Bright" channel (which is no longer a particularly bright channel) now provides more (and different) preamp gain than you would get on the stock model.

Considering adding a rear plate on the cabinet. Since it is quite heavy because of those big transformers (19kg) I opted for holes in the sides for carrying, instead of a handle on top.

Very, very good!!!

Title: Re: New Hey What 103
Post by: Paul86 on December 21, 2014, 07:45:46 PM
Your link doesn't work for me