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Author Topic: The sound of the Yeti!  (Read 11146 times)
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« on: July 02, 2013, 03:43:14 AM »

Hi everyone!
When I ordered my Yeti 50W in March 2013 (built stock from Ceriatone - not by me as a kit) there was not too much to read about it so I thought I'd say something to those who wonder what it sounds like and how it behaves.

First of all you will love your Yeti for its tone, its great looks and the feeling of build quality!

The sound is Marshall with a very powerful tone, lots of honky bottom end. I have played many different amps (British and American) over the years and this is a new dimension in tone for me - really! To me it seems it should be used/works best in Plexi-mode (the Era-switch in middle position) as it has got enough gain for most blues, rock, hardrock playing. There is more gain with the other Era-settings but the volume decreases quite a bit, so the Yeti is probably not the best choice for death metal.

Myself I'm searching for lasting, sustaining tone that require as little distortion as possible because I want to cut through the mix with my solos (less distortion is something I have to learn, as I always have used too much of it, being a great fan of heavy metal). And the Yeti is a whole new world to me when it comes to lasting tone. Strike a cord or a string and the strings will keep ringing "forever" with a powerful tone even at low levels of volume. Amasing!

Tone, resonance, presence controls are well working, together with the bright switches you will find your sound. The pussy trim I roll off just a little because I think the amp chokes a little with it all the way up. Not sure if that is only in my mind!?

Currently I use a Seymour Duncan Pickup Booster (clean boost) in the effects loop to increase volume at solos - and it DO increase the volume a lot if needed. This is something that makes this one channel amp almost a two channel amp in my world, as this is  more or less the only thing I ask of a two channel amp - solo boost! Cleaner sound I will get by reducing volume on the guitar. I also have an analog delay in the loop which is always on (there is one negative aspect here if you put an effect in the loop, it will steel some treble unless you keep the effect/one of the effects on continuously strange!?).

I use the Yeti preferably with a 4x12 with Celestion Vintage 30's in it, which I find to be a great combination. So far I have tried it with 4x12's with G12-65's and G12M-70's. It all works fine but I like the V30's. I can imagine that green backs would be nice too.

Another detail I was wondering about was the transport from Malaysia to Sweden. My Yeti arrived all well after several transshipments Malaysia China India Germany - I cant remember all now but I followed the trip on the internet on the UPS homepage. The wrapping was made very well, in a paper box, the amp wrapped in plastic film and the box filled with Styrofoam. Sweet!

My amp was finished during a five week period, the transport took a couple of days. I got a shipment mail from Ceriatone including a link to follow the transport. Very precise and service minded.
Nik is increadible to deal with he answered all my emails promptly and with relevant responses.

I hope this gave someone something :-)
I had no one to ask at the time and I think this was about what I was wondering about then...

Don't hesitate - the Yeti is an amp you'll never sell!!!

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« Reply #1 on: October 13, 2013, 01:45:54 PM »

I just got my Yeti 100w last week. Your description was really accurate. I am running a LP standard into a 1960ahw or 1960bhw. My review:

60's mode - Excellent plexi tones. You can get gains near EVH tones. Lot's of body, lots of bottom end. You can get a bright sound or darken it up. All the plexi tones you want are in there.

80's mode - Excellent 800 tones. lots of gain. This mode compresses more than the 60's. Still tons of tonal options.

90's mode - Even more gain. The gain has more of a fuzz quality. I don't say "fuzz" as a bad thing, I actually like it. This mode compreses even more than the 80's. Although I don't spend much time in this mode.

I have in my loop (Send-BOSS PS6 - BOSS DD7 - BOSS FB2 - Return). This works great! The FB2 is my lead boost and it is awesome.

Overall, I LOVE this amp! So many options. I will say I find putting dirt pedals in front to be a little challenging. The Yeti is a little picky about what's in front. Also, this amp loves volume. At bedoom levels it can be a little flat...which can be corrected with EQ. But those flatter tone settings come alive with some volume.

I second the original poster, Buy this amp. You wont be dissapointed if you are looking for "Marshall" tones. This amp is basically the history of Marshall amps from the 60's through 90's.
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« Reply #2 on: August 01, 2014, 06:23:31 AM »

I saw a 50w model in action a few weeks back when my mate was testing it out.
I'm a proud Laney AOR enthusiast s I have to admit my preferences lie with that sound & that amps considerable flexibility.
But the Yeti sounded really good for what is was, considerably better than the Slash AFD100 I tried out last Saturday.
The AFD really is a 1 trick pony IMO and the Yeti has plenty in its playbook.
The only issue both my mate & I had was the lack of a standard buffered fx loop.
The one it had sucked tone & my mate was informed the buffered loop was an extra.
Why is this not a standard thing?

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« Reply #3 on: October 20, 2015, 10:57:09 PM »

The buffered effects loop is not standard because it would add $300 to the cost of the amp and not everyone uses effects, so why punish them with higher pricing?

It keeps the cost of the amp affordable for many people. If you can afford to pay $300 more for the amp with it, why can't you afford to spend $150-300 more to buy the effects loop buffer? You ain't gonna get it for free, nothing is free.
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