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Title: Parts used in Ceriatone: Film / Coupling Caps
Post by: ampkits on July 05, 2010, 12:27:12 AM

For coupling / film caps, here's what we use:

a) Mallory 150 polyester

These are the yellow axial types (now WHITE only) that you see in our British Style, Hey What, Much Le$$ amps.

Back in the 1990s and early 2000s, and even today to some extent, these were the caps of choice in boutique builds.

They might be re-labeled to say the amp brand, but they're still Mallory 150.

If these are crap, then I guess lots of those amps from the 90s should worth only 50 bucks.

2) Sprague or SBE 6PS polyester film/foil

These are used in our OTS and TW Clone series.

These are the EXACT type as used by D*mble. Now, we get all sorts of stories on the OTS amps. If the originals used these, then whats so crappy about them? Stop being blind.

We use these on the TW Clone cause I get good results from them. The old Mallory PVC series as used in original TWs are similar to these, construction wise.

3) Sprague or SBE 715P

This is metallized polypropylene. We use them in our American series.

Popularly known as orange drops. But the 6PS looks the same with these.

When talking about caps, it's funny how those who's supposed to be experts and can say what sucks or not, do not know that there are MANY different types of orange drops. PS series, 715P, 225P, 418, etc.

I hope they dont put orange drops, the type you eat, into amps.

4) Sozo Standard caps

On request, we use these as well, at a bit of extra cost. We do stock them.

There you go.

There are indeed some "off" types. Like old Aerovox, El Menco, Philips, ERO, etc that we use as well. They sound fine. Sometimes, you see them at 10 bucks a pop on ebay. I got em for cheap in the thousands, but capacitors is not what i am basing my revenue off.

Please comment and tell me how these are supposed to suck?

And when you do, please also leave a comment to the other makers with the same brand of caps used in their builds.




Title: Re: Parts used in Ceriatone: Film / Coupling Caps
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